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What kind of information can I find out about a person? Political party affiliations Voting precincts and districts A voter’s representatives in government A person’s voting history A person’s address Find out a person’s contact information such as email and phone number You can even lookup who a phone number belongs to using our free Reverse Phone Search Tool And much more all for free! We have spent countless hours researching, collecting, and centralizing voter registration data from across the country to allow people completely free access to the largest known collection of publicly available voter data. VoterRecords.com presents you with a completely free tool to research public voter data the way you want to at no cost. Go ahead and start searching, you might be surprised by what all a person’s voter record contains.

  • Go to the page containing the individual’s full record details.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Record Opt-Out link at the bottom as pictured below.

  • The company will redirect you to a page that claims your information will be deleted/ is no longer going to be visible.

  • Make sure to refresh the page and clear your browser cache if you are still seeing the data after you have completed these steps.

  • Updated 5/28/18

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