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Reverse Caller Database

We are run by a group of technology enthusiasts and privacy advocates with a passion toward information sharing on the Internet. Please help us in our goal to catalog and describe annoying and harrassing callers.

Reverse Caller Database

1) A written explanation for the opt out request. Identify the specific location of Your Data on our Website, and where your personal Data is publicly available, identify one of the four conditions You enabling you to opt-out of having your personal Data removed, and describe why such personal Data that is publicly available is inaccurate and harmful. NOTE: Please submit ONE request per individual.

2) Copy of your current driver’s license or state identification (this information is necessary in order for us to authenticate that the request is being made by the individual to whom the information belongs to).

All requests must include: - Full name and date of birth - Aliases, if any - Current address - Previous addresses - Phone - Email address

3) Specific complete details of the records you are requesting to be removed NOTE: Only your current and up to two previous address records will be removed.

4) Include a print out of the records you wish to have suppressed.

5) Copies of any applicable court orders, if any.

You may request to opt-out by submitting your information to the following fax number:

ReverseCallerDatabase Opt Out Compliance Dept. Fax: (617) 933-9946 P.O. Box 990043 Boston, MA 02199

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unsigned or incomplete requests will not be processed. We will use good faith efforts to help prevent your non-public record information from being distributed. We cannot provide any assurance that information that is otherwise public record information, such as court records, will be withheld. Although most information is usually removed or blocked permanently, we do not guarantee the information will not be available again in the future from other sources or our site.

Contact their customer support—> http://www.reversecallerdatabase.com/support

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