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Rehold is a comprehensive navigator for real estate in the US

Find full information on any address: property description, public records, sales history, resident history, commercial and business records, neighbors, local organizations, businesses and more… Rehold real estate directory helps customers in buying, renting, building, financing, remodeling and more. Rehold’s constantly updating database contains records on more than 115 million properties in the US.

  • Navigate to REHold.com and locate your exposed information

  • Open the page with your exposed info and scroll to the bottom

  • At the Bottom of the page with your exposed information, you will see “INFORMATION CONTROL”

  • Click “Information Control”

  • A screen with phone numbers and names will appear

  • Select the information that you would like to have removed by clicking “REMOVE” (6 total)

  • After selecting the information, click “APPLY”

  • Enter your name and an active email address in the 2 blanks provided

  • Click “APPLY” again to enter the email and name

  • They will send you a confirmation message to the email that you entered (Check your spam email box)

  • Click the link in the confirmation email that was sent to complete the opt out


  • Need Help? Contact Page

  • Repeat the steps with a different email to get more information removed if there were more than 6 exposures posted

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