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Welcome to OkCaller.com , the Next-Generation Telephone Safety Directory. Guard your privacy by screening unknown callers on the largest internet telephone directory. Learn from SafeCaller user’s feedback and contribute to our safety database. Gain control over your phone listing privacy through our advanced features. Better understand new and existing contacts via SafeCaller analytics. Increase transparency by helping to identify calling parties with reliable, verifiable contact information. SafeCaller is a free service, as we believe the usefulness of our platform scales as more people join our service.

  • To Opt Out- Navigate to the page where your information is displayed.

  • Next, on the page you just landed on scroll down a bit (Not quite half way) to locate a yellow drop down button that says “This is My Number”

  • Click the “This is My Number’ and go to “Opt-out/ Unlist”

  • Register to become a member. You land on the member page.

  • Search for you number again from the member page and then go to that same “This is My Number” drop down tab again. And repeat.

  • CONTACT EMAIL—> support@OkCaller.com

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