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This website is sourced from Radaris- They typically require the user to claim the information that is to be removed. Claiming information puts YOU the user in charge of it. You can then modify it (take your info down). They will not remove the entire listing though; just your address/ phone number.

Homemetry.com - US Property and Address Directory Homemetry is a property directory that contains resident history and public records for every address in the country.

This directory is the quickest way to locate information about private residences and businesses locations. It include the property owner, resident and company tenant data for the past 10 years. Additionally, the listings include public property records, recent tax assessments, structural details and more.

Homemetry gives you easy access to everything publicly available about any adresses, property owner and neighborhood profile.


Send them a message to remove your information and attach a picture of your Photo ID along with the link to the information.

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