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GoLookUp connects and extracts hundreds of millions of up to date data records and sorts them out in one easy to read and download report! The GoLookUp team is built around the idea that public records should be available to everyone. No longer will you have to search through multiple sources of old fashioned date sources! GoLookUp simples public record search. With GoLookUp you will find everything from public records to court orders, sex offender records, phone numbers, emails, social profiles, marriage status, criminal records and much more! We strongly urge you to read our policies on how to use GoLookUp in the best possible way.


Email Us: support@golookup.com

They claim that its unconstitutional to not remove information: Yell at them… THIS IS FROM THEM:

“Hi Ma’am/Sir,

Thank you for your message. We have reviewed your request to Go Look Up. We are happy to address your request directly, and we have also consulted legal counsel regarding our rights under federal and state law.

According to our understanding, you have requested the removal of certain information Go Look Up provides to users who comply with all relevant obligations under the law. As an initial matter, Go Look Up understands your concern if personal information appears in public listings. However, please be advised that the source of this information derives from publicly available records. Because the information is pulled from governmental and other public entities in charge of the records, Go Look Up has no ability to edit or remove the content. If you are concerned with the availability of public information, Go Look Up urges you to address your concerns with the public entities publishing the information.

Go Look Up possesses an absolute First Amendment privilege to display the information subject to your request. Go Look Up operates well within its constitutional and statutory rights regarding the display of records. To reiterate, Go Look Up does not assemble or evaluate these records, but instead makes them available on a single website to individuals who certify that they are complying with all relevant legal obligations. Go Look Up diligently complies with all applicable state and federal laws, including all federal statutes governing the proper disclosure and treatment of public information.”

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