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Full Name Directory

This is another site that posts directories of names. They are linked to DOB search. DOB search is where this removal will take place. The link is in the steps. Just don’t be frightened if you were expecting a “Fullpeopledirectory” removal page. This works for both :)

Full Name Directory
  • Visit this Removal Link

  • Search/ locate your information, and click the little white square.

  • Scroll to the bottom and click “Manage my Listings”. It is small and in blue to the right bottom corner of the search box. Click Continue.

  • Type “I AGREE” in the red rectangle’s blank.

  • Select all records by clicking the square(s) that are yours. Click continue.

  • Enter your information into the blanks, and aliases. Click continue.

  • Enter a valid email.

  • Enter a valid phone number so they can verify.

  • Select a method of verification by using the drop down box. Click SUBMIT.

  • Enter the code they send into the verification blank.

  • You will get a verification page next- Success-


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