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**Safe Shepherd FAQ'S Guide**

*Just what the hey do we do? Safe Shepherd constantly scans the internet and private databases, looking for your personal information. When we find a company publicizing or selling your personal information, we submit an opt-out request on your behalf, which deletes your record. If a website doesn’t allow us to automatically remove your information, we’ll provide straightforward instructions for how to handle the exposure. We remove a lot but unfortunately are unable to remove it all for you. Thank the third parties hosting your information for that. Send us any link to other information that the scans might have missed so that we can analyze it for removal asap.

**How it works?

Our system is designed to be like 95.99999% automatic, we are not a bunch of people searching for your information (although we can be in some cases). The system runs searches for your information once a week (based on your profile), verifies its you (upload photo ID), catalogs it in your alerts page in your Shep account, and sends in an opt out to remove the information. The automation system works in increments for our users. If not it  just makes everything overload, and unfortunately nothing will work at all. You get a big blue overload page, not pretty at all. 

If you’re already signed up then odds are that It is working for you already! Opt outs have been sent on your behalf, and they just need to be processed by the companies to have your information removed. The various companies can take time doing that sometimes, but by the end of your next scan we will have more places to send opt outs, and more information will have been removed. 

YAAY! The first steps to increasing your online privacy, and decreasing your online presence have been taken. 

***Supported V.S. Manual Removals/Unsupported.

A supported site is one that we can remove you from using the information that you have provided. They are the major data brokers and they are the big culprits that spread and share your information. We target them and their affiliates. Unsupported sites are sites where we can only provide instructions about how to handle the exposure. Sometimes we are unable to automatically remove you from certain sites through our system based on the companies’ opt out policy/ method.

**How to use alerts page?

-You’ll find things that we are alerting you for, and removing you from on your “alerts” page.

-You will find the “alerts” page to the left in your toolbox. It’s just under your name.

-When you click that- (alerts) it will open up to a page with red, green, and sometimes gray squares.

-Green boxes indicate that you have been removed or we have sent an opt-out to a company to have your information removed from that website.

-Red boxes indicate that you have been found on the website, and may contain instructions on how you can remove yourself from that site. Here lies our limitations.

-We can only automatically remove you from the list of supported Safe Shepherd sites.

-Sites by the names of white pages or Radris and more require the actual person to claim and remove the information themselves.  Nevertheless it can still be removed/ modified.

-There are some things that we cannot remove at all though such as mugshots. Those types of things need to be filed through a court and the police department.

*****Privacy Monitoring Page?

-Access your privacy monitoring page after logging in and clicking “privacy Monitoring” to the left in your vault commands.

-Open the page, and have a look. - There are there are scan dates, months, and blue dots. -There is a dot for every extended period of time. If you are a newer user will only have 0-4 dots. If you are a longer term user then you will have many blue dots.- Hover your mouse over the blue dots ,and you will see sites that we are keeping records for that may have your information. -These are typically sites that are unsupported/ our system almost thinks it is you but can’t say for sure to have precess a remove/ you need to upload an ID /etc. /etc. - From there, visit the site(s) that are listed for your information and search for your information (from a private window) -If the site indeed has your information, send us an email ASAP to (SAYHELLO@SAFESHEPHERD.COM) with the direct link to your information and we can then help you to remove/modify it from our handbook (Safeshepherd.com/handbook)

*****What are unfortunately UNABLE to Remove?

We can’t remove it all, but we can remove a lot. There are a lot of sites out there, but our list is geared to target “source” sites aka data brokers. We remove addresses, telephone numbers, etc. We can only automatically remove you from the list of supported Safe Shepherd sites. I have attached the list in this email. For the unsupported site removals- we can guide through the removal process and in some cases do it for you. *Unfortunately we cannot remove you from any social media sites/ public forums. They are considered voluntary sharing of information. The owner of the social media site must remove the information themselves. (Facebook, twitter, linked, google+ etc.) *We cannot remove media, mugshots, business information, credit information, blog posts negative or positive (free speech) or government records. We can provide the contact information so that you can do it.

***Paid VS Free trial?

There is no major difference in a paid subscription after the free trial is over except The system will just stop scanning, and removing for you Really- It is just how it was during the free trial in terms of looks and use in all actually. Only you are now agreeing to continuing to receive Safe Shepherd’s services, protection, and help. There is a $13.95 a month cost or a $95.00 a year cost. The difference in price is simple… the latter is a little discount off of 12 months at the monthly rate. To cancel, please sen us an email (SAYHELLO@SAFESHEPHERD.COM) and click downgrade on your account.

How long does it take to remove a result from the Internet?

The time it takes to remove a record varies on quite a few different things. The biggest variable is the specific site from which we’re removing you from. If that site has an opt-out process that is entirely digital, your information can disappear in as little as 24 hours. Opt-outs involving faxes can expect take up to 30 business days. Sites that require us to physically mail a removal request can take up to 45 business days to process. We understand the importance of removing your information, and are constantly reaching out to these sites to see if we can speed up the process.

****I’m Paying! What Do I Get?

You do pay for services. The services include Safe Shepherd automatically removing your information from online “supported sites” when it can. Services also include 1:1 phone consultations that do come at an extra fee of $24.95. However, services also include having the luxury to email us for consultations as well, for NO fee. You will also get support and “how to’s” sent right to you for unsupported site removal aide and instructions per requests.


Yes- Many data sites unfortunately require a photo ID for automated removals. Although it sounds crazy to send these sites a picture of your ID, they aren’t actually asking for anything more than what they’ve already got. They only need to see your name, address and date of birth [to confirm that the record being removed really belongs to you]. Everything else, like your picture and signature, can [and should] be hidden! Your ID is only used for the removal verification process. These data sites are prohibited from using it for any other purpose.

How To upload an ID/ Getting your Id onto the computer:

***For your photo ID, please leave visible: Your full name, full address, full date of Birth (DOB), EXP, State **You can cover up your pictures and your signature as well as donor info and DL number.

  1. Place your ID on a flat and stable surface.
  2. Get out your mobile phone or scanner.
  3. Take a picture of your ID with your mobile device OR 3.5. Scan your ID to your computer. Note: ONLY JPG files are accepted- taking a picture with a mobile device is an easy way to upload it because it is already in JPG format. When you scan something it likes to turn it into PDF automatically, the system does not accept PDF.
  4. Email your ID in response to the ID chat with your privacy specialist.
  5. We will take it from there!

Getting it to your Identiy Vault:

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. Click “upload Id” (on the right)
  3. Choose the file you wish to upload, preferably your ID
  4. Use your mouse to drag and make a black square over your face, signature, and DL number.
  5. Click submit.
  6. Where it once said “upload ID” should now say “change ID”
  7. Your on your way to more info being removed!!

*Online upload or email are the only methods we receive ID to add. We do not accept ID’s via mail or fax. Thank you for your cooperation.

Add An Alias.

Our goals include maintaining, protecting your privacy, and removing as much information about you as we can from the web, and help you to do it. Please add an alias to your account. We need an alias added to better scan for your information. An alias is/can include a family member or two, and your middle name/ initial.

Please go to your account ASAP to add these so we can locate, and remove more of your information from online for you.


We are unable to control Googles search results. Their goal is to have and keep as much information out there as possible on as many individuals as possible. While our efforts work to get your information off of particular sites- Goole has its own rules and tends to not remove or modify their results UNLESS IT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE WEBMASTER HOST SITE. Once information has been removed from the host site (data brokers: spokeo, intelius etc) Google updates its software accordingly. It can take up to 45 days to see a change in Google’s results because they are SO BIG and have a lot more to do than worry about our privacy. Records will fall off eventually though.

All or portions of these documents are subject to change at any time for revising. Updated 5/23/18

Safe Shepherd FAQ'S Guide

Look at the other guides and for more information on removals in the Safe Shepherd Handbook

What to do if you find your information on a site, and you know it’s you? Send us the exact and direct link to the site to your information so we can analyze it for removal. Send found information site links to: SAYHELLO@SAFESHEPHERD.COM

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