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MyHeritage (the “Website”) is an online service that allows members to create profiles and family sites in order to build and print their family trees, share family photos, keep in touch with family members, and research their family history with advanced research tools (the “Service”). The Service is owned and operated by MyHeritage Ltd. (hereafter ‘we’, ‘our’ or ‘us’). ‘You’ or ‘your’ means an adult user, over the age of 13, of the Service (in some countries the minimum age is 14, see Section “Underage Users” in the Terms and Conditions). The Website is part of a group of websites that we own and operate (the “MyHeritage Website Group”) which also includes, among others, WorldVitalRecords.com and FamilyLink.com.


Member Created… member removal… How may you modify or delete information on the Website? Any member may modify his/her personal information, including password, by logging into the Website, visiting the member profile via Account > My profile, and editing it, to update the information therein. At any time, members may modify or delete information and content items such as news articles and photos which they personally have posted to their site.

At any time you may delete information that you have posted on the family site. As site manager you can also delete all information and content that other site members have posted on your family site. As a site member, you can delete information that the site manager or other site members have posted about you.

Your entire family site and all its contents may be deleted from the Account > Site settings > General > Administration link “Delete my site”.

Deleting an entire family tree (but not the entire family site) may be done from Family Tree > Manage trees, click the “Delete” link next to tree you wish to delete.

Deleting any individual from your family tree (but not the entire tree) may be done via the online family tree viewer in your family site: click “Family tree” to visit the tree, find the person in the “Find a person..” box, then click Options > Delete this Person on the side panel.

You may delete a photo album by clicking Photos in the navigation of your family site. Click any album on the side panel, then click More actions > Delete album.

You may delete a photo (not an entire album) by clicking Photos in the navigation of your family site, find the photo in the album viewer, then click the wheel icon next to the photo and select Delete.

You may delete your member account from the Account > Account Settings link “Delete my account”.

In case you need extra assistance, you may **email us at support@myheritage.com to request us to help delete any information that you wish to have deleted, and your request shall be carried out promptly by our staff unless it is examined and believed to be illegitimate.

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