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Tumblr is a social blogging platform that allows users to quickly post text and media to a custom URL, and follow and interact with other users of the platform.

What to do if your information is exposed on Tumblr

If you find your personal information exposed on Tumblr, one of two things has happened: either you’ve accidentally published the sensitive information yourself, or someone else has published information about you on their blog.

In the first case, simply log into your Tumblr account and delete the exposed content. Google will re-index the page in a few weeks, and it will be as if your information had never been exposed.

The second case it a little trickier. If the exposed information is illegal to publish because it violates a court order, a copyright, or a state or federal statute, you can contact Tumblr directly to request that the offending content be taken down.

If the exposed information does not violate the law, your only option is to contact the host of the blog, and ask nicely that it be removed.

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