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SlideShare is exactly what it sounds like–a massive platform on which you can share your presentation slides, and search for slides others have shared. What’s less obvious is that every slide you upload can be indexed by google. This means that if you include your contact information on the last slide of a presentation you gave, you’ve just published that contact info to the entire web when you upload that slide.

What you need to know about SlideShare

If the slide exposing your personal information is one that you uploaded, the easiest way to remedy the situation is to log into you SlideShare account, and delete the presentation in question. If someone else has uploaded the slide exposing your personal information, things get a little trickier. Your first step is to contact the person who uploaded the presentation. Usually asking nicely will do the trick. If that doesn’t work, you can contact SlideShare directly at ashwan@slideshare.com.

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