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Popscreen is a video prediction site that aims to show its users the most popular videos on the internet. The platform also allows users to post their own videos and comment on videos posted by other users.

What you need to know about Popscreen

If you find your information exposed on Popscreen, you have either posted a video, commented on a video, someone else has posted a video and tagged you in it, or someone else has posted a comment and mentioned your name. The best way to have a video removed from Popscreen is to contact the company directly. Depending on your circumstance, use one of the following methods:

(1) If you own the copyright to the video that exposes your information, you can request that it be removed by filling out Popscreen’s DMCA takedown request form and submitting it to the company.

(2) If you believe the content posted otherwise violates the law or Popscreen’s Terms of Service, you can report the offending video by using the “Contact Us” like at the bottom of the homepage.

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