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As far as people search websites go, poedit.org is pretty innocuous. They’re essentially an online white pages that also includes tons of demographic information about your neighborhood–things like school district information, property values for the area, political trends, religious breakdown, locations of things like red light camera and hospitals and wifi hotspots, etc. The best part is that they make removing your profile very easy.

How to remove your information from Poedit
  • Search Poedit for your name and click on the profile that best matches your information.

  • Click the “Removal Request” link at the bottom of the page (keep going, it’s a looooong scroll).

  • Give them your email address and solve the captcha–sorry, this one requires a little math.

  • Once you’ve clicked the “Completely Remove My Profile” button, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

  • Click the verification like to confirm that you want to remove the listing.
    *** The site even includes a helpful video guide to removing your profile should any of these steps be unclear.

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