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.docstoc is a document publishing and sharing service that allows individuals to upload and broadcast documents of varying types to an audience of their choosing.

What to do if You Find Your Information Exposed on .docstoc

If you’ve found your personal information exposed on DocStoc, it got there one of two ways:

  1. You published / shared a document that contained sensitive information. In this case, you should log into your account, remove or redact the offending document, and take care when publishing / sharing documents in the future.

  2. Someone else has published / shared a document that contains sensitive information about you. In this case, your best bet is to contact the user, and ask politely that the information be removed.

If the information was published illegally (ie., it contains your social security number, financial information, or you’re a member of a group statutorily protected from having its address, phone number, and other contact information published–for instance, law enforcement officials–you can contact the appropriate department at DocStoc here.

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