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Citysearch is a business directory site that uses publicly available information to build lists of local businesses. Sometimes that data includes personally identifiable information such as your name, address or phone number (if, for instance, your business is registered to your personal residence).

What you need to know about Citysearch

From CityGuide’s FAQ:

“Unfortunately we don’t currently have a way for our users, other than business owners, to add, close or edit businesses. If you own a business you can correct information by unlocking or “claiming” your business on the Citysearch profile page. You’ll need to verify that you own the business by entering a verification code that is sent to your business phone. Once claimed you will have the opportunity to make edits and add content to your business profile page. If the phone number, address or other business information is incorrect you can contact Customer Service at customerservice@citygrid.com.”

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